Rangi Miria

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Rangi Miria
by Peter Jean Caley
Ngati Pehe (Tribe) Rangi Miria was born in Te Kuiti and given for adoption at birth by her parents to help another Maori family regroup. With her went Mana(respect and status) and land. This worked well until all the parents had passed away. Then the daughters, born into the new family decided to take possession of the land and titles and swept her under the carpet.All that remained after her death in 1930 was a damaged photo, her loving children and her Taonga (Cloak and pendants). In 1997 Peter was asked to paint Rangi Miria by her Grand daughter to help restore her Mana. This has since worked and the 2 families have come together and compensation made and Rangi Miria picture now hangs in her meeting house with honour where it belongs. A single feather represents a silent protest, just a reminder but without bitterness.

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  • Paper Prints
  • Optica Fine Art Paper
  • Canvas (Giclee)
  • A1 (594 x 841 mm)
  • A2 (420 x 594 mm)
  • A3 (297 x 420 mm)
  • A4 (210 x 297 mm)

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Print Info (Click to open)
Print Info (Click to open)

Paper Prints are produced on high quality acid free paper. Most prints are on standard metric paper sizes (A1,A2,A3 and A4) The smaller sizes (A3 and A4) are printed using a colour laser printer. The larger sizes are printed on a wide bed ink jet printer using extremely long life (rated at 100 years plus) pigment inks on high quality acid free matt paper. All paper prints should be framed behind glass using appropriately sized mattes.

An exception to the use of standard metric paper sizes is made in the case of the smaller bird paintings where the original painting is only 8 x 10 inches (200 x 250 mm). These are printed on US Standard Letter sized paper (8.25 x 11 inches). This has a minor benefit in that there is a range of NZ made 14 x 11 stock frames supplied with an 8 x 10 matte which can be used to provide a reasonably economic framing opportunity.

The sizes of the margins and of the image area of the various print sizes is as follows:

  • US Letter - 10 mm margin surrounding an image 250 x 196 mm. Suitable framing in 14 x 11 inch stock frames. (see note above) 
  • A4 - 10 mm margin surrounding an image 277 x 190 mm. Suitable for framing in 14 x 11 inch stock frames.
  • A3 - 14 mm margin surrounding an image 386 x 269 mm. Suitable for framing in 20 x 16 inch stock frames.
  • A2 - 20 mm margin surrounding an image 554 x 380 mm. For prints of this size stock frames are not usually available, so custom frames and mattes will be required.
  • A1 - 28 mm margin surrounding an image up to 784 x 538 mm. With smaller sizes the images are scaled and cropped to match the standard format. With A1 prints the image will be scaled to the 538 mm width, but depending on the format of the painting the height of the finished print image may be slightly less.

Giclees (pronounced jee-clays) are a high quality art print produced using ink-jet technology with high quality pigment based inks on high quality stretcher canvasses, and finished with a high grade transparent varnish.

They are available in a range of sizes all of which accurately reproduce the original form of the painting, and so the actual dimensions will vary slightly from the standard sizes which are used in the catalogue. All giclees have a 50-60 mm stretching margin all round the picture as illustrated at left.

The abbreviations used for the standard sizes for giclees with the sizes and prices are:

  • AS = Actual Size, indicates that the paining is available in a larger size. - enquire about size and price information.
  • A2 = approximately 600 x 440 mm (24x18") - Price $360.00
  • A3 = approximately 420 x 300 mm (18x12") - Price $240.00
  • 10" x 12" (250 x 300 mm) - Price $160.00
  • 8" x 10" (200 x 250 mm) - Price $140.00

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