Peter Jean Caley - The Artist

Peter has had a love of painting since childhood and showed this from the age of 2 years. He kept a book of Salvador Dali tucked under his pillow from this early age.

At the age of 14 painted in oil a portrait that still hangs in the Family. Inspired by both his Father and Grandfather who both painted, His Father John , after an accident took art up full time as a painter when Peter was thirteen, with his encouragement peter has pursued it full time to this very day.

Declared himself professional artist in 1988 although the only thing that changed was it was more official.

Peter Jean Caley has evolved a very unique technique and his work is entirely freehand. He enjoys the challenge of large scale works and has a style that could only be described as inspirational realism. Developing his delicate use of colour and brush technique he has spent many years concentrating on wild life studies and portraits.

Until recently Peter was mostly an independent artist, selling paintings from his studio with commissions making up a large part of his work. He has been featured in many newspaper articles and has appeared in numerous television programme's throughout his career. 

His art has always sold out and usually only by order can paintings be acquired, he now has paintings in collections in many many countries.

On returning to New Zealand in 1997 from many years in Australia he was sponsored to paint a New Zealand native and cultural exhibition.

Artist Statement

Peter Jean Caley"My Art is my life - it has been the only real passion. My early dreams to master Colour and expression have driven my need to paint. Realising we will never master it but will enjoy its journey. Remember once looking to the heavens and saying " What is the use of an artist" " What real service to they provide"? Well it struck me, If an artist can just take you ( the viewer) into your inner being- out of the conscious to the very soul and essence for just 30 seconds, then a miracle has occurred. In my art the soul is important, the thought - feeling and depth that the subject emits surpasses its first and obvious impact to the eye. A real integrity emerges from the subject and a thousand words and emotions pass through to the viewer.

It is an honour to serve the canvas and the people and will cherish this all the days of my life and will stay committed to the finest work that I can achieve through my faith and ever learning the art. Will continue to respect the subject and portray them as they have requested from the heart."

Art Training:

Western Australia Art School 1974/75

Individual studies of old masters and techniques.

Lee West , Auckland 

Workshop with Clifton Pugh in Australia.

Various courses through schools and private artists